We build them to be powerful. We build them to be durable. We build them to be driven. Daily. This is what we do.

Who, What, Why

Who, What, Why
Switzer Performance is an automotive company specializing in forced induction, performance modifications for the Nissan GT-R and Porsche markets.  With over a decade of experience, we have developed a solid reputation for superbly performing vehicles.

Switzer possesses a passion and drive to improve the performance of cars.  The company is not a parts business selling anything and everything regardless of quality or performance.  A desire exists to identify and solve problems associated with getting the maximum performance out of a vehicle.  To that end, the company is guided by the following principles:  

1.  The company will relentlessly pursue continual improvement to provide only the highest quality, best performing upgrades to our customers.

2.  Problems will be identified, understood and solved without sacrificing quality, reliability or performance of the vehicle.

3.  Quality components will be used in all aspects of our products and it is mandatory they enhance performance.

4.  Switzer will only sell parts it uses and can stand behind with confidence.

5.  Switzer will strive to conduct business with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, quality and customer service.  We will continuously strive to do what we say we will do at all times.

With these guiding principles, Switzer offers performance packages at various power levels to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Packages are offered for the street, strip and track that will leave you with a smile and a desire for more.  If you do not see what you want, Switzer can develop a one-off, custom package to meet your needs.

Our mission is to build upon our passion for performance vehicles.  We love cars.  We love solving the challenges that come with improving the performance of a vehicle while maintaining the highest level of longevity and reliability possible.  We want to share this passion with our customers.  We want them to love the entire experience from selecting a shop to the first time you drive the car.  We are committed to this end and will continue the never ending pursuit to produce the highest quality, best performing vehicle while providing world class customer service.  That is our commitment to you!

Forget recreational drugs... we have something better.

Stuff We Do

R35 GTR Specialists

Switzer is a specialist with the R35 GTR platform. We have been tuning, refining and redefining the GTR since November 2008. With that amount of real-world experience it would be an understatement to say that we are infinitely familiar with all aspects of the R35.

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GR6 Transmission & Repair

Switzer offers a complete range of R35 GTR clutch, transmission, and drivetrain components and service.

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R35 GTR Performance Parts

Switzer Peformance offers a wide range of quality, proven components to meet your needs. If we don't believe in the quality, workmanship or performance of a product we will not sell it. Our bottom line is delivered by looking after our customers and selling anything and everything creates too much temptation to move a part for our own reasons and not yours. We choose to avoid that altogether. If we endorse it, you can have faith in it. We do.

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Nissan VR38 Performance Engines

The history and reliable results of our VR38 engine program are there for all to see. Switzer can provide its customers with anything from performance components to short blocks to crate engines. Our engines are meticulously assembled in house by a Master Engine Builder using proven, quality components and procedures.

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Additional Services Available

We provide many different services and you will find there really isn't anything we are not capable of when it comes to completely and properly installing or servicing the hardware and software systems in your GTR.

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Go Fast Packages

Level 1 - "Intro Package"

Ready for a little additional performance for your car? Not ready for a true custom build? Get ready for 550 whp of pure, reliable fun on 93 octane! Switzer's Intro Package is a great first performance package.

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Level 2 - "P800 Package"

You have decided it is time for more but you don't want to get into a built engine or transmission? Switzer's P800 Package is a perfect option delivering 700 whp on 93 octane, pump gas. This is an impressive, performance build that does not sacrifice any reliability. There are Switzer customers that have driven more than 50,000 hard miles without issue. It delivers pure fun and maybe a ticket or two along the way.

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Level 3 - "Ultimate Street Edition - Pump Gas Package"

Okay, you are becoming an addict. You don't think you need more power. You KNOW you must have more power. The name says it all. This is the ultimate, pump gas, street machine. This is a build for the enthusiast that wants a true race car that can still be driven back and forth to work every day. Switzer's USE, Pump Gas Package *IS* that car! The Ultimate Street Edition Pump Gas Package provides 900 whp on 93, octane pump gas. This build is no slouch. It will run with most street machines encountered in the wild while providing the reliability of a daily driver.

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Level 4 - "Ultimate Street Edition PRO"

You are now solidly addicted to power. This is the ultimate street machine with a little kick! This is a flex fuel build for the enthusiast that wants a true race car that can still be driven back and forth to work every day. This IS that car! The Ultimate Street Edition Pro is a flex fuel platform that provides 900 whp on 93, octane pump gas and 1,100 whp on Ethanol. This build is no slouch. It will run with any street machine.

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Level 5 - PRO-X

You are truly addicted. You have almost no resistance left. Once again, you have decided you want more power. You are lying to yourself and have not come to terms with the FACT that you are going to once again want more power and that you are not going to get a Goliath X. You want a car that can run in the 8's all day long in full street attire? You want a car that you can drive to the track and back? You want a car that can handle environments like the stop and go streets of New York City? Switzer's Goliath will give you the fix you need.

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Level 6 - Goliath

You have finally accepted there is no more fighting the demand for more power. You know you are going to continue to ask for more regardless of what that little voices says to you. Switzer has just what you need. 1700+ whp of stand-the-hairs-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck performance. We call it Goliath.

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